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Niklas Jakusch and his penchant for taking responsibility

“My family comes from here. And now football has led me here.” The enthusiasm for Aachen and the Alemannia lures the 28-year-old a little out of his reserve. “The city is beautiful, I feel a sense of gratitude that I can play for this club.” Jakusch came from TuS Erndtebrück to the Tivoli at the beginning of the season. Although Aachen coach Fuat Kilic had told him that there would be an open competition for the number one in the goal. “I really wanted to face the fight, it was a challenge,” says the keeper, who had to face this fight almost throughout his entire career.

For the 28-year-old, only a position on the football pitch is possible. “There was only goalkeeper for me, and that will always be the case for me,” emphasises Jakusch, who was between the posts at TSV Kronshagen at the age of five. At the age of ten, he moved to Holstein Kiel. There he became – after stops at Comet Kiel and VfR Neumünster – second keeper behind Morten Jensen in 2011. Also in the following seasons he always got a new first man in front of his nose. In July 2016 he went to FC Homburg. “There I was hired as the first keeper for the first time. That was a completely new feeling for him. He played 34 league games in the Southwest Regional Football League”.

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“I know that as a goalkeeper you are either the douche bag or the hero. But this position is something very special for me. It’s about responsibility, big responsibility, and I like to face that. I think it’s great, exciting, I like it”, you can feel the enthusiasm at Jakusch despite his unagitated manner. And this has always driven him as a second man on the bank over the years. “I always thought about what I could do better so that the coach could put me up,” Jakusch reveals a second guiding principle: “Hard work always beats talent in the long run, which paid off in Aachen, only in Oberhausen it had to pass. A vase had fallen on his foot, Daniel Zeaiter had to take over.

Jakusch wants to be the last man to give his team security and radiate calm. “I try to coach from behind, after all I have the best overview,” says the keeper, who can make a game fast with long drops of over 60 metres. The 1st FC Kaan-Marienborn will experience this today. “The climber will certainly not give us anything. But the first home trio of the season must be our goal.”

Fuat Kilic also sees it that way, but warns: “Kaan-Marienborn looks for his luck especially in switching moments, builds on counterattacks and his fast offensive. We have to nip this strength in the bud with consistent counter-pressing,” Aachen’s coach knows, who has to continue to do without Marc Kleefisch, Alan Stulin and Vincent Boesen. “We want to act as against Rödinghausen and continue the trend of the last three games with only one goal against. And play as close to zero as possible” – just like in Wuppertal (0:0), where Jakusch won the match. EuroGrand Casino is a smooth place to play and is particularly welcoming for high rollers.

No winner between Aachen and Wuppertal

“From a feeling point of view, I played my best game today,” said the praised player. “But much more important was the fact that we didn’t allow a goal to be scored. Jakusch had achieved in the TV game what many players in the stadium at the zoo had failed to do: to play themselves into the foreground. Or, as David Pütz, a successful clearer on this sunny Sunday afternoon, put it: “You have the feeling: “Whenever a live match is due, nobody wants to make a mistake”. And so Alexander Heinze didn’t find the evaluation of the previous minutes in the mixed zone too difficult: “A typical 0:0 game.”

Alemannias head coach Fuat Kilic had changed his starting eleven only moderately compared to the home match against Rödinghausen. Manuel Glowacz was given the advantage over Mahmut Temür in the attack, Stipe Batarilo was on for Blendi Idrizi. The new WSV coach Adrian Alipour had opted for a larger rotation, who brought four new players in comparison to the game in the previous week (1:2 with Mönchengladbach II).

The fact that the mutual scanning determined the initial phase was no surprise, given the situation. The Aacheners got off to a better start, but it was the impartial who was the first player to take centre stage. After a duel between Tjorben Uphoff and Batarilo in the penalty area of the hosts, Visses’ whistle remained silent (5th).

Jakusch was challenged for the first time after nine minutes, when goalscorer Christopher Kramer redirected the ball to Daniel Grebe after a quick throw-in, which was free-standing against Alemannias goalkeeper failed.

Christopher Kramer Honours


  • FIFA World Cup: 2014

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The goal against had not been scored, but the big chance had nevertheless caused a break in the game of the visitors. The Aacheners only reacted, “we didn’t get any more access”, Kilic also recognized. After a shot by Dennis Malura (17.), Jakusch again prevented the impact with a strong reflex.

Corners ineffective

Five corner shots in four minutes documented the superiority of the WSV, but ex-Alemanne Meik Kühnel did not find a buyer for his input. The Aacheners’ relief attacks became rarer and rarer, but Wuppertal’s dominance was no longer expressed in scoring opportunities. Alemannen Kai Bösing (36th) and Manuel Glowacz (37th) tried again from a distance, but WSV keeper Sebastian Wickl did not have to intervene.

After the side change the Aacheners had to digest a shock moment when Jonas Erwig-Drüppel put the ball through to Kramer. The otherwise so accurate WSV-attacker showed nerves in front of Jakusch and shot the ball past the goal of the guests (50th).

It should remain the last high-carat possibility for the host in this play, since the 4070 spectators saw again an acting Alemannia, which missed the “Lucky Punch” in the final phase. The substitute Mohamed Redjeb (89.) could have crowned his debut with a goal, but at the Aachener’s header Wickl also received one of few opportunities to distinguish himself. The 10Bet Casino has a very user-friendly interface that is easy for everyone to understand.

“You have to accept the fight in this league, and that’s what we did today. That’s why we deserve one point,” Jakusch said. Kilic was also not dissatisfied after the fourth game in a row without defeat: “It was a high-intensity game. We drew the right conclusions in the half-time. In the end, we can be satisfied with the scoring.”

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Alemannia visits Wuppertaler SV: The net show on the draw

But there was no goal to be scored on both sides. But there was something to read on the Internet despite missing goals: our net show on the goalless draw between Wuppertal and Aachen.

“Matchday” . This word enchants every football fan. It arouses anticipation, lets the pulse rise and the nerves flutter.

So it was again on Sunday with many black-yellows. Around 1,000 Alemannia fans accompanied their team to the Bergisches Land. And they wanted to see a victory for the Tivoli team.

Tivoli Gardens F.C. Achievements

  • CFU Club Championship: 0
Runner-up (1): 2004
  • Jamaican National Premier League: 5
1983, 1999, 2004, 2009, 2011
  • JFF Champions Cup: 3
1999, 2006, 2011

Bundesliga teams casino luck

To anticipate the result: the victory was nothing. The game was sometimes a little bumpy and the goals on both sides were blocked. Similar to the access road for the Kaiserstädter.

Despite construction sites and closures, fans and the team bus arrived in Wuppertal and the following Elg sent coach Fuat Kilic to the green to score points.

The Alemannia starts at @WuppertalerSV with the following line-up. It starts at 15 o’clock! #alemannia #atsv #regionalligawest

– Alemannia Aachen (@Alemannia_AC) 9 September 2018

And at the enema they saw a wonderful choreo of the fans: “Tivoli – Mythos und Legende” . The away trip for the fans was all about the campaign “Kulturgut Tivoli” . Many fans wore custom-made retro jerseys, banners and a lot of black-yellow and legal throwing material. Just beautiful!

Check out this post on Instagram

Wuppis – Alemannia #Wuppertal #asocial #Alemannia #Aachen #StadionamZoo #Regionalliga #GlotzeausStadionan #eintrachttrierinternational #Alemannia #Aachen #Regionalliga #Stadionalliga #Stadionan #intrachttrierinternational

A post shared by Daniel | 27 (@1905_dede) on Sep 9, 2018 at 6:59 AM PDT

In the first half the Aacheners could thank their keeper Niklas Jakusch, who kept the Alemannia box clean with good parades.

The black-yellows stabilized from minute to minute, but especially in the game to the front there were sometimes few ideas and also frequent playback errors. Consequently it went with a 0:0 into the break.

Also in the second half the game was not necessarily better.

Footballerisch is unfortunately nothing at all with us. #alemannia

– Yonace (@KowiBryant) 9 September 2018

At the end the Alemannia unfortunately couldn’t play the famous “Lucky Punch” anymore. Even Wuppertal was too harmless in the end. So the two former Bundesliga teams separated goallessly in front of over 4,000 spectators and several thousands at home on the sofas in front of the TV. The Casino Luck is one of the oldest casino game site.

One point win? Lost two points? In the table, the point doesn’t help Alemannia, but four undefeated games in a row are now on the credit side. However, three of them were draws. Next Saturday, Aachen will host 1 FC Kaan-Marienborn, who will be promoted. Afterwards the fifth unbeaten game in a row and finally the first home victory should stand. So at least the plan of all responsible ones at the Tivoli and all those should be, which hold it with the black-yellow.

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 27. December 2017      
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 23. December 2017      

All you need to know about Iq Option … how the IQ options ?

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Many users who want to earn with online trading and binary options , try ” Iq Option forum ” or ” IQ options ” to find information and details on the features of this broker, but here you will find much more!

You are logging to IQ Option review “Reliable” of our experts in the field of online trading.

Iq option scam or does it work?  Review, demos and opinions

Iq option – Logo ufficiale

Here’s our   review IQ Option.

A regulated binary options broker that has some really nice features, especially for those who do not have substantial capital with which to start trading binary options.

Before starting…

If you are looking  Iq Option tricks,  know that does not exist!

To do  trading with binary options safely,  you first need to rely to a great broker and identify the trading strategy that suits you.

Having said that, we say that Iq Option provides many advantages. Moreover, it is a broker in constant innovation. At the following link you can find the latest updates on the broker Option IQ, which introduced new trading tools in addition to binary options, and more specifically we are talking about:

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What ist ethereum code

Do not worry, by clicking on the links above you will open other pages. In this way, Ethereum Code you can continue to read our review IQ Option quietly on this page. We are ready? Well, let’s start!

Contents [ hide ]
  1. IQ option truffa o Broker Sicuro?
  2. Training – Learn to Make Trading
  3. Find the right tools to your financial goals of IQ OPTION
  4. IQ option demo account e conto real
  5. Fai trading as mobile con IQ option!
  6. IQ option via iOS: Forex trading, CFD e Criptovalute
  7. How to open an account
  8. Come funziona Iq option?
  9. IQ option: opinioni e vantaggi
  10. How to deposit and withdraw of Option IQ?
  11. Investing with binary options: how?
  12. Types of binary options IQ option
  13. low high Binary Options
  14. binary turbo Options
  15. Binary Options Classic (read our feature article)
  16. IQ Option 4.0 Opinions on the trading platform
  17. How does the IQ Option 4.0 interface?
  18. How to download the trading platform 4.0
  19. Types of charts
  20. How to choose the assets in which to invest with IQ Option?
  21. News: Early binary option sales
  22. How to make an investment of IQ OPTION
  23. Tornei IQ option 2017
  24. Last binary options tournaments IQ Option
  25. How to participate in tournaments IQ Option
  26. Pattern di Trading IQ OPTION
  27. Prova IQ option
  28. Customer service
  29. Opinions conclusive and final evaluation
  30. Comments and Questions Asked Questions (FAQ)


IQ option truffa o Broker Sicuro?

When it comes to earning opportunities it is immediately became suspicious …

… but it will be a scam?

That’s why some people more cautious before trying IQ Option try on google ” IQ OPTION Scam ” or ” IQ OPTION is Reliable? “…

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IQOPTION, after conquering the Russian market, has set itself the goal of going to conquer the European markets before and those around the world after.

And what better way than to work with a licensed by CySEC?

>>> Licenza CySEC n. 247/14 by Iq option

In Europe…

The broker IQ Option also got licensed to operate at European level by the supervisory authority,  CySEC No. 247/14  (home Cyprus)

In addition, here are some of the most important awards over the years:

  • “Fastest Growing Binary Options Brand, Europe” da Global Brands Magazine;
  • “Best Binary Options Broker Europe 2015” da Global Banking & Finance Review;
  • “Most Innovative Binary Options Platform, Global 2015” as International Finance Magazine;
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Apri un conto Demo IQ Option

IQ Option provides a demo account FREE and UNLIMITED.


Training – Learn to Make Trading

In the restricted area of ​​IqOption, you can find a very useful section on training.

… it is really very complete!

Come negoziare con IQ option (Intro + Prelievo facile) from IQ option (Official group) on Vimeo .

Probably IqOption shares with its users with the most comprehensive training and detailed offer from binary options broker.

This is not video courses or ebook, but a truly integrated blog, packed with information concerning:

  • strategy di trading;
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Iq option scam or does it work?  Review, demos and opinionsThe guides are very well done and easy to read.


Find the right tools to your financial goals of IQ OPTION

Trading Binary Options (10M +)

It speculates on the price dynamics of currencies, indices, commodities and shares

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Iq option scam or does it work?  Review, demos and opinions

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Iq option scam or does it work?  Review, demos and opinions

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Iq option scam or does it work?  Review, demos and opinions

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Iq option scam or does it work?  Review, demos and opinions

Iq option truffa o funziona? Recensione, demo e opinioni

Leggi anche: IQ option Forex CFD e >>


IQ option demo account e conto real

There are three types of account that you can open on IQ Option, to be able to logged just start with a demo account:


The IQ OPTION DEMO account is not only free but also unlimited!

Iq option truffa o funziona? Recensione, demo e opinioni

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Conto Real IQ OPTION

The real account includes:

  • minimum deposit of only 10 €;


Finally, the VIP account offers:

  • minimum deposit of 10 €;
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On the official website you can choose the account that suits you.
Iq option truffa o funziona? Recensione, demo e opinioni



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Investing is even more Smart, please log on Iq Option and start … Could not miss the  opportunity to invest with smartphones and tablets.

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Iq option truffa o funziona? Recensione, demo e opinioni

Iq option novità

On the platform you are available Digital Options or Digital Options  – it is Android app, that in the latest version of the web platform, Windows, MacOS and Linux (for all except China). Digital options / Digital Options they are not yet available on iOS, but IQ Option has released a new app in the App Store, where all users are available such products as: Forex, CFD , Crypto ( criptovalute as Bitcoin , Ethereum …) . Option IQ grows and always has many new features, it is one of the best brokers in circulation, in our opinion the best.