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Alemannia visits Wuppertaler SV: The net show on the draw

 24. September 2018      

But there was no goal to be scored on both sides. But there was something to read on the Internet despite missing goals: our net show on the goalless draw between Wuppertal and Aachen.

“Matchday” . This word enchants every football fan. It arouses anticipation, lets the pulse rise and the nerves flutter.

So it was again on Sunday with many black-yellows. Around 1,000 Alemannia fans accompanied their team to the Bergisches Land. And they wanted to see a victory for the Tivoli team.

Tivoli Gardens F.C. Achievements

  • CFU Club Championship: 0
Runner-up (1): 2004
  • Jamaican National Premier League: 5
1983, 1999, 2004, 2009, 2011
  • JFF Champions Cup: 3
1999, 2006, 2011

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To anticipate the result: the victory was nothing. The game was sometimes a little bumpy and the goals on both sides were blocked. Similar to the access road for the Kaiserstädter.

Despite construction sites and closures, fans and the team bus arrived in Wuppertal and the following Elg sent coach Fuat Kilic to the green to score points.

The Alemannia starts at @WuppertalerSV with the following line-up. It starts at 15 o’clock! #alemannia #atsv #regionalligawest

– Alemannia Aachen (@Alemannia_AC) 9 September 2018

And at the enema they saw a wonderful choreo of the fans: “Tivoli – Mythos und Legende” . The away trip for the fans was all about the campaign “Kulturgut Tivoli” . Many fans wore custom-made retro jerseys, banners and a lot of black-yellow and legal throwing material. Just beautiful!

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A post shared by Daniel | 27 (@1905_dede) on Sep 9, 2018 at 6:59 AM PDT

In the first half the Aacheners could thank their keeper Niklas Jakusch, who kept the Alemannia box clean with good parades.

The black-yellows stabilized from minute to minute, but especially in the game to the front there were sometimes few ideas and also frequent playback errors. Consequently it went with a 0:0 into the break.

Also in the second half the game was not necessarily better.

Footballerisch is unfortunately nothing at all with us. #alemannia

– Yonace (@KowiBryant) 9 September 2018

At the end the Alemannia unfortunately couldn’t play the famous “Lucky Punch” anymore. Even Wuppertal was too harmless in the end. So the two former Bundesliga teams separated goallessly in front of over 4,000 spectators and several thousands at home on the sofas in front of the TV. The Casino Luck is one of the oldest casino game site.

One point win? Lost two points? In the table, the point doesn’t help Alemannia, but four undefeated games in a row are now on the credit side. However, three of them were draws. Next Saturday, Aachen will host 1 FC Kaan-Marienborn, who will be promoted. Afterwards the fifth unbeaten game in a row and finally the first home victory should stand. So at least the plan of all responsible ones at the Tivoli and all those should be, which hold it with the black-yellow.