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Niklas Jakusch and his penchant for taking responsibility

 24. September 2018      

“My family comes from here. And now football has led me here.” The enthusiasm for Aachen and the Alemannia lures the 28-year-old a little out of his reserve. “The city is beautiful, I feel a sense of gratitude that I can play for this club.” Jakusch came from TuS Erndtebrück to the Tivoli at the beginning of the season. Although Aachen coach Fuat Kilic had told him that there would be an open competition for the number one in the goal. “I really wanted to face the fight, it was a challenge,” says the keeper, who had to face this fight almost throughout his entire career.

For the 28-year-old, only a position on the football pitch is possible. “There was only goalkeeper for me, and that will always be the case for me,” emphasises Jakusch, who was between the posts at TSV Kronshagen at the age of five. At the age of ten, he moved to Holstein Kiel. There he became – after stops at Comet Kiel and VfR Neumünster – second keeper behind Morten Jensen in 2011. Also in the following seasons he always got a new first man in front of his nose. In July 2016 he went to FC Homburg. “There I was hired as the first keeper for the first time. That was a completely new feeling for him. He played 34 league games in the Southwest Regional Football League”.

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“I know that as a goalkeeper you are either the douche bag or the hero. But this position is something very special for me. It’s about responsibility, big responsibility, and I like to face that. I think it’s great, exciting, I like it”, you can feel the enthusiasm at Jakusch despite his unagitated manner. And this has always driven him as a second man on the bank over the years. “I always thought about what I could do better so that the coach could put me up,” Jakusch reveals a second guiding principle: “Hard work always beats talent in the long run, which paid off in Aachen, only in Oberhausen it had to pass. A vase had fallen on his foot, Daniel Zeaiter had to take over.

Jakusch wants to be the last man to give his team security and radiate calm. “I try to coach from behind, after all I have the best overview,” says the keeper, who can make a game fast with long drops of over 60 metres. The 1st FC Kaan-Marienborn will experience this today. “The climber will certainly not give us anything. But the first home trio of the season must be our goal.”

Fuat Kilic also sees it that way, but warns: “Kaan-Marienborn looks for his luck especially in switching moments, builds on counterattacks and his fast offensive. We have to nip this strength in the bud with consistent counter-pressing,” Aachen’s coach knows, who has to continue to do without Marc Kleefisch, Alan Stulin and Vincent Boesen. “We want to act as against Rödinghausen and continue the trend of the last three games with only one goal against. And play as close to zero as possible” – just like in Wuppertal (0:0), where Jakusch won the match. EuroGrand Casino is a smooth place to play and is particularly welcoming for high rollers.