No winner between Aachen and Wuppertal

 24. September 2018      

“From a feeling point of view, I played my best game today,” said the praised player. “But much more important was the fact that we didn’t allow a goal to be scored. Jakusch had achieved in the TV game what many players in the stadium at the zoo had failed to do: to play themselves into the foreground. Or, as David Pütz, a successful clearer on this sunny Sunday afternoon, put it: “You have the feeling: “Whenever a live match is due, nobody wants to make a mistake”. And so Alexander Heinze didn’t find the evaluation of the previous minutes in the mixed zone too difficult: “A typical 0:0 game.”

Alemannias head coach Fuat Kilic had changed his starting eleven only moderately compared to the home match against Rödinghausen. Manuel Glowacz was given the advantage over Mahmut Temür in the attack, Stipe Batarilo was on for Blendi Idrizi. The new WSV coach Adrian Alipour had opted for a larger rotation, who brought four new players in comparison to the game in the previous week (1:2 with Mönchengladbach II).

The fact that the mutual scanning determined the initial phase was no surprise, given the situation. The Aacheners got off to a better start, but it was the impartial who was the first player to take centre stage. After a duel between Tjorben Uphoff and Batarilo in the penalty area of the hosts, Visses’ whistle remained silent (5th).

Jakusch was challenged for the first time after nine minutes, when goalscorer Christopher Kramer redirected the ball to Daniel Grebe after a quick throw-in, which was free-standing against Alemannias goalkeeper failed.

Christopher Kramer Honours


  • FIFA World Cup: 2014

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The goal against had not been scored, but the big chance had nevertheless caused a break in the game of the visitors. The Aacheners only reacted, “we didn’t get any more access”, Kilic also recognized. After a shot by Dennis Malura (17.), Jakusch again prevented the impact with a strong reflex.

Corners ineffective

Five corner shots in four minutes documented the superiority of the WSV, but ex-Alemanne Meik Kühnel did not find a buyer for his input. The Aacheners’ relief attacks became rarer and rarer, but Wuppertal’s dominance was no longer expressed in scoring opportunities. Alemannen Kai Bösing (36th) and Manuel Glowacz (37th) tried again from a distance, but WSV keeper Sebastian Wickl did not have to intervene.

After the side change the Aacheners had to digest a shock moment when Jonas Erwig-Drüppel put the ball through to Kramer. The otherwise so accurate WSV-attacker showed nerves in front of Jakusch and shot the ball past the goal of the guests (50th).

It should remain the last high-carat possibility for the host in this play, since the 4070 spectators saw again an acting Alemannia, which missed the “Lucky Punch” in the final phase. The substitute Mohamed Redjeb (89.) could have crowned his debut with a goal, but at the Aachener’s header Wickl also received one of few opportunities to distinguish himself. The 10Bet Casino has a very user-friendly interface that is easy for everyone to understand.

“You have to accept the fight in this league, and that’s what we did today. That’s why we deserve one point,” Jakusch said. Kilic was also not dissatisfied after the fourth game in a row without defeat: “It was a high-intensity game. We drew the right conclusions in the half-time. In the end, we can be satisfied with the scoring.”